Dr Harris was recently invited to the Reflux UK Podcast to discuss H-Pylori, also known as helicobacter infection.

The show’s notes describe the episode: 

Reflux Radio brings you the third episode in this series and explores the history, causes, symptoms and treatments for H-pylori. There is a fascinating back story to the discovery of this common infection and how it was found to be one of the most important causes of peptic ulcers and not excess stomach acid as was previously thought. The podcast looks at how prevalent it is within the population and whether it is more common in different parts of the world. Dr Adam Harris, who was awarded an MD for his original research on peptic ulcers and Helicobacter pylori in 1995, explains the symptoms and how these need to be distinguished between reflux and dyspepsia. Sue and Adam go on to discuss the test and treatments that are available to patients who are infected and how effective a course of antibiotics is on eradicating it. They debate whether antibiotics make people`s reflux symptoms worse and the associations between H-pylori, Barrett`s Oesophagus and stomach cancer. Finally, Adam tells us about what his hopes are for the future for those diagnosed with Helicobacter.

You can listen to the episode by clicking the link below.


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