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We are a friendly and modern private practice, dedicated to providing an outstanding quality of service, tailored to accommodate your needs. At West Kent Gastroenterology, you will be given continuity of care by a single experienced consultant, and you are guaranteed to receive consultant-delivered care and advice throughout the entire process.
Dr. Adam Harris has been a consultant gastroenterologist for over 24 years, and he has extensive experience in the diagnosis, investigation and treatment of conditions affecting the oesophagus, stomach, small and large bowels.

About West Kent Gastro

You will be given continuity of care by a single experienced consultant, and you are guaranteed to receive consultant-delivered care and advice throughout the entire process.

You will be given the freedom to choose your date and time slot (which includes evenings), from a choice of three different locations, to suit your busy schedule. There will never be any delays or cancellations from our side.

West Kent Gastroenterology (WKG) is committed to providing an outstanding level of care, and we are confident in our ability to provide you with a service that is friendly, modern and prompt. Not only is Dr. Harris accountable to the NHS-led principles of clinical governance, WKG has also developed further independent measures in order to evaluate patient satisfaction and respond to patient feedback.

This ensures that healthcare professionals’ performance is reviewed to ensure that they are providing and maintaining a high standard of care.

The endoscopy units at the Spire & Nuffield Hospitals in Tunbridge Wells, collect data on the number of upper GI endoscopies, flexible sigmoidoscopies and colonoscopies performed by Dr Harris. This data is discussed at local Endoscopy User Group meetings, compared with his peer group, BSG & JAG standards.

The endoscopy audit data is included in Dr Harris’ annual appraisal where the quality, safety and outcomes of the procedures are discussed with his Appraiser.

This involves measuring performance in line with certain standards (see Table) and assessing patients’ views of the service.
Procedure  British Society of Gastroenterology Standards Dr Harris’ Performance 2017 Dr Harris’ Performance 2018 Dr Harris’ Performance 2019
Upper GI Endoscopy Min. number of procedures = 100 Intubation success (95%) Procedure-related complications 30 day procedure-related mortality 255 99% 0 0 254 99% 0 0 217 99% 0 0
Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Min. number of procedures = 50 Procedure- related complications 30 day procedure-related mortality 61 0 0 51 0 0 52 0 0
 Colonoscopy Min. number of procedures = 100 Completion (>90%) Adenoma detection rates (15%) Retrieval rates of polyps (>90%) Procedure related complications 30 day procedure-related mortality 145 95% 10% >90% 0 0 174 95% 16% 97% 0 0 147 97% 15% 98% 0 0
This table demonstrates that Dr Harris’ endoscopic skills meet or exceed the standards set by the BSG.

West Kent Gastroenterology is unique in providing an online quality assurance survey to a random selection of patients after the final consultation to evaluate the overall service. This is to ensure that a very high quality is consistently maintained across all areas of the practice. Any complaints or compliments are discussed, considered carefully, and when necessary, changes in practice follow.

We are delighted to report that:

100% of patients would recommend (or have already recommended) West Kent Gastroenterology’s service to others;

95% of patients felt that West Kent Gastroenterology provided them with a prompt, friendly and modern service from start to finish.

[information correct as of 1st September 2019]

At West Kent Gastroenterology, we work hard to provide our patients with top-class care. You will enjoy friendly, fast and modern treatment by a highly experienced gastroenterologist. We carefully review patient satisfaction and feedback, and at West Kent Gastroenterology we are continuously making improvements to our services, ensuring the highest level of care possible.

Clinic Locations

Spire Hospital
Fordcombe Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 0RD

Sevenoaks Medical Centre
London Road, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN13 2JD


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